Corporate information

■Trade Name  SHUGO Co.,Ltd./ 株式会社 修 護
■Business objectives and activities
・Preservation and repair of cultural assets (paintings, handwritten documents and books, ancient documents, historical materials) and other comparable fine arts and crafts
・Dispatching experts to repair cultural assets
・Selling a variety of materials necessary for repair of cultural assets and fine arts and crafts
・Research and development of materials for mounting and restoration of fine arts and crafts, traditional techniques, and repair techniques
・Guidance and consulting services regarding repair of fine arts and crafts
■The Day of the Establishment
 February 16, 2011
 Head Office
  2-28-4 Nishi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0013
  Independent Administrative Institution, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
■Director and Executive
 Director  Kazuhiko IKEDA
 Executive Takayuki KIMISHIMA (Head of Conservator)
 Executive Haruhiko SUZUKI


・Regular employee 10 people (including 2 directors) (as of April 1, 2017)
(The Association for Conservation of National Treasures)
Number of people
Senior Conservator   1
Chief Conservator   3
Conservator   4
Junior Conservator   1
・Qualifications held by our staff members
Staff members who have completed the Training Course for Cultural Property Repair Experts held by the National Agency for Cultural Affairs (6 people) , curators (4 people), X-ray operation managers (3 people), Class B Group 4 hazardous material engineers (2 people) , IPM for Cultural properties coordinator (1 people)

・Our workshop is a member of the Association for Conservation of National Treasures*, a general incorporated association (*Authorized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as a Selected Conservation Technique Conserving Organization)
・Supporting member of the Japan Conservation Project, Non-Profit Organization

■Clients (as of April 1, 2017) We are engaged in business with the government of Japan, museums, art galleries, official archives, historical archives, libraries, research institutions, universities, shrines and temples, individual collectors, and more.

・The Agency for Cultural Affairs
・Tokyo National Museum
・National Museum of Nature and Science
・Ueda City Museum
・Koriyama city library of historical records
・Idemitsu Museum of Arts
・Yamako Usui Art Museum
・Ekin Museum
・Japan Aeronautic Association
・Tokyo University
・Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts
・Nihon University
・Toyo University
・Otani University
・Anyoin (Temple)
・Hosenji (Temple)

・Kimbell Art Museum(USA)
・Cincinnati Art Museum(USA)
・Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst(Germany)

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